March Native Species of the Hudson Valley

Does the winter have you feeling kind of drab? Are you ready for for that pop of color in Spring? We aren’t the only ones either. Critters and pollinators are anxiously awaiting for that burst of Spring life. The winter is long in the Hudson Valley and we are thinking of ways to jump into […]

Warm Weather – Let’s Get to Work in the Hudson Valley

It’s been a warm winter in here in the Hudson Valley of New York which makes it easy to turn our eyes to Spring. We can look around our yard and feel daunted by the drabness that winter has brought and can’t see a vision of where to begin. What’s the order of operations? Without […]

Firepits and Fireplaces

With fall just around the corner, we anticipate the cool nights, the crisp breeze and a cozy blanket. What better way to enjoy this season than with an outdoor fire? Did you know that there could be so many different combinations and styles of outdoor fire features? There is sure one to fit your budget, […]

The Impact your Property Could Make on Your Mental Health

Did you know that a simple way to improve your mental health could be right out your back door??? Psychologist have found that people who spend more time outdoors tend to be more happy and relaxed. For a start, just GO OUTSIDE! “Green Bathing” is a method that has been studied with evidence pointing to […]

How to Reduce Ticks on Your Property

One of the most nerve-racking things of summer is wondering if you’re going to find a tick crawling on you. They can also carry tick-borne illnesses such as lyme disease. They are no larger than an apple seed and can be as small as the tip of a needle! Below are some ways to help […]

Fruits You Can Grow in the Hudson Valley

Fruit You Can Grow in the Hudson Valley! Fruit Trees: When growing fruit trees, it is best to plant two of the same kind tree, could a different variety, within fifty feet of each other to ensure pollination of the fruit. For example, and apple tree, one Pink Lady and one Macintosh is ok together. […]

What is Mulch and What is Best for You?

What is mulch? Mulch is a shredded material that is spread over your garden and plants around 2-3 inches thick. In the Hudson Valley, you will primarily see it made up of shredded wood but you will also see bark nuggets, pine needles, grass clippings, news paper, straw or shredded leaves. Mulch will decompose over […]

How to have an Environmentally Friendly Landscape

Did you know you could help the environment by doing work in your own yard? You benefit and the earth benefits! Its a win-win and we’re going to tell you how! Native Species: We LOVE to work with native species. Native species are plants that are from the Hudson Valley. We have done our research […]

Bulbs You Can Plant in the Hudson Valley

Bulbs of the Hudson Valley We see bulbs everywhere in spring; being given as house gifts and popping up in gardens. What is classified as a bulb? When can you plant them? What are good bulbs to plant in the Hudson Valley? We will answer these questions for you so you can get a garden […]

How to “Spring Clean” the Outside of your Home

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Outside Edition There’s just something about about the warm weather that makes us feeling opening everything up and starting fresh. Maybe that’s organizing a spot that hasn’t been touched in years or purging items that we don’t use anymore. But what about the outside? What do we do there? How do we […]