Bulbs You Can Plant in the Hudson Valley

Bulbs of the Hudson Valley

We see bulbs everywhere in spring; being given as house gifts and popping up in gardens. What is classified as a bulb? When can you plant them? What are good bulbs to plant in the Hudson Valley? We will answer these questions for you so you can get a garden full of that spring cheer!

The most popular bulbs in the Hudson Valley are tulips, dahlias, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, alluim and lillies.

Bulbs are plants that an underground storage system and they are easily transported.

Bulbs need well drained soil as they do not like to get their feet wet. When the foliage is dried and withered or has turned yellow, it is safe to CUT the foliage. Never rip it out! Some stems may need supported and you can place stakes to lift up heavy blooms. 

The best time to plant tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus and allium are in the fall. These bulbs will go dormant and you will get foliage in promptly in spring to give your garden to sudden burst of color. 

As for dahlias (which are actually tubers) and lillies, these are best planted in the spring after the threat of frost. Lillies never sleep and bulb can get damaged in the cold whether. This means, when the season is over in fall, you must dig up these bulbs and store them for winter in a place that is not cold and they don’t dry out. Typically a basement or you could get a special container that is made to hold bulbs for the winter. These plants will not survive one frost so you must dig them up before then!