Firepits and Fireplaces

With fall just around the corner, we anticipate the cool nights, the crisp breeze and a cozy blanket. What better way to enjoy this season than with an outdoor fire? Did you know that there could be so many different combinations and styles of outdoor fire features? There is sure one to fit your budget, purpose and style.

With a fire pit, you can do a pea gravel, pavers or natural stone. For your firepit, you then can choose to do a portable one or have one designed specifically for you! Firepits are designed to allow people to sit all around and enjoy conversation. They can be made as small or large as you would like. You can make it formal or informal, circle or square, raised, level or sunken in.

Fireplaces are designed to have one entry point for wood and the smoke is channeled all upward to keep smoke away from anyone enjoying its warmth. This fireplace can serve two purposes as it can also be used as an oven, most frequently seen as a pizza oven! These can be built right on to an existing patio or could be the focal point of a covered pavilion. Fireplaces give a grand feeling and bring so much comfort and nostalgia.

There is an endless amount of possibilities that would work for you enjoy your outdoor space with friends and family this season!