How to Reduce Ticks on Your Property

One of the most nerve-racking things of summer is wondering if you’re going to find a tick crawling on you. They can also carry tick-borne illnesses such as lyme disease. They are no larger than an apple seed and can be as small as the tip of a needle! Below are some ways to help ease those nerves this season so you can enjoy the outdoors with peace!

Here are some tips on making your property less inviting for these parasites we call ticks!

  • Have your yard sprayed with a tick repellant and or killing agent. This will help lower the population of ticks and prevent less breeding as well as making your property an uninviting place to live. We can give you a quote and talk to you more about the process! Learn more about how we can help you!
  • Check and treat your pets! Though we can help repel and kill ticks outside, you definitely don’t want these pests getting inside your home!
  • Keep up with weekly mowing. This will give them less protection. Ticks love shaded cool areas to live and breed.
  • Clear brush and leaf piles away from lawn as far as possible
  • Put wood clippings, dry mulch, bark or gravel down approximately 3 ft. Wide to create a barrier into your yard. They don’t not like to cross long flat open areas.
  • Keep playground and lounging furniture away from wood lines
  • Discourage wild animals from inhabiting your lawn area by building a fence and keeping wood neatly stacked.
  • Remove old furniture or trash from your yard to not give ticks a place to hide.
  • Try Tick Tubes! This works by treating mice and other small animals to lower the tick population without harming them. These animals are notorious for carrying ticks. Tick tubes are essentially cardboard tubes stuffed with cotton treated with permethrin, a tick-killing chemical. Mice and other small animals collect the cotton and take it back to their nests. The permethrin binds to oils on their fur, killing any ticks that try to attach without harming to the animals! You can place these tubes around wood sheds, storage sheds or along your wood line. (Not around your house, we don’t want to encourage these animals to make homes near ours)
  • It isn’t possible to completely eliminate ticks off a property because they can always wander on so make sure you protect yourself by wearing bug repellent, long sleeves, long pants and hair pulled back or in a hat!