How to “Spring Clean” the Outside of your Home

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Outside Edition

There’s just something about about the warm weather that makes us feeling opening everything up and starting fresh. Maybe that’s organizing a spot that hasn’t been touched in years or purging items that we don’t use anymore.

But what about the outside? What do we do there? How do we make it look ready for our summer BBQs, family games or just simply to feel relaxed in our lounge area?

Here is a list to help you get started!

  • Deck / Patio
    • Sweep, Blow or Pressure wash your deck. Many leaves and debris get stuck there from those late fall leaves and winter winds!
  • Garden 
    • Clear out those dead weeds, cut back any plants that didn’t get cut back in the fall and that need to be for new growth
    • Add fresh soil, mulch or any soil amendments needed for healthy growth
    • Take inventory of existing plants. Do any need to be replaced? Do you have room to add more or want to change placement of any?
  • Property
    • Trees – Look at your trees health – Are there any dying? Do some Limbs need trimmed? Have some fallen over and need cleaned up?
    • Grass – Are there dead patches that may need accessed? Do you want your lawn fertilized? Now is the time to look over what is needed for your perfect lawn!
    • How are the bugs? Are they already driving your crazy? Start to look into pest management solutions now to save you the headache (or bug bites!) later!
    • Fences – Does your fence need repairs or cleaned?
  • Around the Home
    • Christmas Lights – If you didn’t already because you didn’t want to brave the cold, now is the time to take down those Christmas Lights!
    • Check the grill or outdoor kitchen area – Does is need cleaned? Does the propane tank need to be filled?
    • Check the gutters – It’s best to start the rainy season of spring with clean gutters!
    • The house – Does it need power washed? Do the windows and doors need to be cleaned?
    • Wash and look over your decorative flags – Look over for any repairs needed or if you want to buy new ones for the season!
    • Look over the hoses – Are their any leaks or cracks? This can very easily happen over winter when water gets trapped in the line and freezes. Also consider getting a decorative hose holder if you don’t already have one! It created a cleaner look and is great for storage!
    • Give your patio, walkway and driveway a look over – Winter can do a considerable amount of damage as the ground changes temperature so frequently. Its better to get repairs done early instead of waiting as they can get worse very quickly.

Patio Furniture – Check for repairs needed or any damage, wash the fabric and set up your furniture so you can enjoy and relax later!

  • Check your irrigation system to make sure it is working in all areas to its full amount
  • Walk around at night to make sure all your landscape lighting is full strength and working as it should, get bulbs or lights replaced if needed.
  • Don’t forget to decorate! – Put out those new annuals, freshen up your planters, hang your wreaths, fill up your bird food and enjoy the warm weather to come!
  • Garage
    • Sweep or Blow out any debris that snuck in during winter
    • Organize any misplaced items
    • Rotate your Outdoor things to a closer location so you or kids can easily access it!
    • Put away your winter Items such as shovels and blowers – you won’t be needing those for awhile!

Print out this list and grab a clipboard! Take a walk around your property on a nice day and note what needs to be done! 

Does this list overwhelm you? Call us in areas where you need help and let us get your property the kick start it needs so you can relax this year!