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We care about your Lawn Installation project as much as you do and we'll do everything.

Have you been fighting to get the perfect lawn but you can’t get that look you’ve been trying to achieve?

We have a simple 5 step plan that we use to get you to where you want to be.

  1. We rip up your current lawn. This allows us to get out any existing weeds that may choke out your new lawn and start fresh. By turning the soil over, we also allow more oxygen, nutrients and water to get through to help secure our success
  2. We rake out the soil and lay down a fresh layer of premium soil to even out any divots or bumps and put extra nutrients and good composition on your lawn
  3. We lay a high grade seed formulated to last in our climate and selected specifically for your lawn whether you have full sun, partial sun or full shade.
  4. We lay a protective layer of hay over your new seed to prevent it from blowing away or to get eaten by birds
  5. We give you instructions for care over the next few weeks and check in to make sure that the lawn is taking. Extra seeding may be required after a month and we will be there to assess at that time.

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