The Impact your Property Could Make on Your Mental Health

Did you know that a simple way to improve your mental health could be right out your back door??? Psychologist have found that people who spend more time outdoors tend to be more happy and relaxed.

For a start, just GO OUTSIDE!

  • “Green Bathing” is a method that has been studied with evidence pointing to a positive impact on mental health. Being surrounded by greenery has been shown to improve recovery from surgery, depression, anxiety and so much more.
  • Sunlight – Sunlight gives us vitamin D which is proven to increase immunity and bone density and decrease symptoms of depression!
  • Fresh Air (aka oxygen) – Fresh Air is good for immune health, blood pressure and heart rate.


  • Practice Letting Go of Control – If there’s one thing we have learned about working with Mother Nature, its that we can’t always control it. We can work with it, not against it. It will rain when it wants, snow when it wants, it just doesn’t always work on our schedule. The more we relinquish our control on what we can’t control, the less we will suffer from it. You can start practicing this by gardening. Sometimes the harvest isn’t what you expect or the flowers didn’t bloom when you thought. The best thing you can do is enjoy what it does give you and enjoy it in the moment and move beyond perfectionism
  • Learn from Your Mistakes – Gardening is all about learning something new. Learn to love your mistakes through success and failure. From seed to harvest, from placement and care, there is always so much to fix and change to make improvements. This gives you more confidence in learning process and to enjoy it rather than get frustrated.
  • Vegetable Garden – Growing your own fruits and vegetables gives you access to clean eating and better nutrition. Your brain absorbs 20-25% of your bodies calories so it’s important to nourish with a balanced diet and what’s more rewarding then good nutrition grown by you?

Your own oasis is obtainable right out your front door! Mother nature is some of the best therapy that we have been given. Do you have a special seating area? A little garden project? It’s important that you have a place to retreat on your very own property. If you need help or inspiration on where to start, contact us on how we can help you!