Warm Weather – Let’s Get to Work in the Hudson Valley

It’s been a warm winter in here in the Hudson Valley of New York which makes it easy to turn our eyes to Spring. We can look around our yard and feel daunted by the drabness that winter has brought and can’t see a vision of where to begin. What’s the order of operations?

Without the right equipment, getting your yard ready for can take, well, practically every weekend of your summer to get there and next thing you know, it’s over. That’s where a team of professionals can come in. But, what can we do for you?

This Spring, we are focusing in on a few things to get your property warm weather ready.

Spring Cleanups – Spring Cleanups can range from many different things such as getting rid of all debris that had fallen late fall or over the winter making your yard look cluttered and dirty. We also can refreshen up that garden edge, trim the hedges, lay a fresh layer of mulch, reseed the lawn and get in that first mow, perfectly striping the lawn.

Mowing – We mow on a week to week basis unless the grass’s growing begins to slow. Our goal is for complete customer satisfaction and a lawn that stands out among the rest through our knowledge of grass growth and paying attention to detail. Usually, our season comes to a close in the beginning of November, but depending on the weather it could end sooner or later. We do our best to keep everyone on a 7 day schedule but we have to monitor the weather during the summer and rain or wet grass may cause us to come earlier or later in the week. We take pride in the diversity of lawns we mow, some a modest lot in the city of Poughkeepsie and some larger apartment complexes and sports fields.

Fertilization – We fertilize lawns to make them green and lush, to give them a healthy root system with natural vitamins and nutrients that soil requires, just as much as sunlight and water.

Organic Tick and Mosquito Spray (as well as other invasive insects) – We spray properties to help protect you and your family from these pesky bugs!

Landscape Design / Landscape Install – We are a design to install company. We help your find your vision and then make it come to life! Do you only want help with designing and you want to install it yourself? NOT A PROBLEM! We just love to help you along your way. Already have a vision on what you want? Let us know and we are happy to install your dreams!